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Looking for the best gents mountain bikes in Sri Lanka? You will be spoilt for choice with the extensive collection available at DSI Bikes that feature top-rated gents mountain bikes in Sri Lanka - all of which offer different experiences! At DSI Bikes we understand that life should have its fair share of thrilling moments and a walk around the block just won’t cut it!

Typically designed for an off-road experience, DSI Bikes collection of gents mountain bikes in Sri Lanka are overall best suited for track and unpaved environments such as mountain trails, fire roads, logging roads or singletrack - they’re rugged, tough and built to take on those trails by the handlebars while giving you a comfortable and safe riding experience! The eclectic assortment of mountain bikes available at DSI Bikes also vary in terms of experience from entry-level cross country to more technical terrains suitable for more advanced bikers - make sure you take the time to consider what your unique requirement is and don’t forget to speak to the helpful staff at DSI Bikes if you would like a little help with making your decision.

A common mistake a lot of new owners make when purchasing gents mountain bikes in Sri Lanka is assuming that regular city bikes can be used for off-the-road terrains. When browsing for gents mountain bikes in Sri Lanka you’ll find that mountain bikes differ from regular bikes by having a suspension on the frame and a fork, along with having larger knobby tires, more durable heavy-duty wheels and without a doubt more powerful brakes, as well as lower gear ratios which are suitable for steep climbs with poor traction.

All gents mountain bikes available at DSI Bikes feature Hi-Ten steel frames or alloy frames which make them extremely durable. Complete with either a rigid front suspension or a dual suspension, DSI Bikes gents mountain bikes are available as a single speed, 6 speed, 18 speed over even 21 speed. Keeping you safe on the road is extremely important, so all gents mountain bikes available at DSI Bikes come with V-type brakes and an impressive braking system, while also having mountain bike style tire patterns for better grip on difficult terrains.

Irrespective of what the requirement is, DSI Bikes are here to help you choose the right gents mountain bikes in Sri Lanka for you so start exploring our unique collection of top-rated gents mountain bikes in Sri Lanka today!


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