BMX Bicycles

BMX (20") - SPEC
Model: BMX (20")
Frame: 20" Steel Diamond Frame
Fork: Steel BMX Fork
Handle Bar: Hi-Raised BMX Steel Handle Bar
Chain Wheel: 36T with steel ED OPC Crank
Brake: V- brake system
Derailleur / Shifters: -
Tyres: MTB Pattern DSI Tyres
Rim: Alloy Rims

Featuring some of the best BMX bikes in Sri Lanka, DSI Bikes should be your first stop when you're browsing for BMX bikes that are suitable for racing or everyday use! With one of the largest selections of BMX bikes in Sri Lanka, DSI Bikes has something for all levels from absolute beginners to those looking to do pro-level stunts and are loved by adults and children alike!

Irrespective of whether you're looking to compete or just cruise your neighbourhood in style, the DSI Bikes collection of BMX bikes in Sri Lanka will surely impress! All BMX bicycles in Sri Lanka available at DSI Bikes are built to last with durable Hi-Ten steel frames that are constructed to withstand the bumps and falls associated with all types of terrains and conditions.

Easily the best BMX bicycles in Sri Lanka, you will find everything from dirt, vert, park, street, flatland and BMX freestyle disciplines of BMX available at DSi Bikes. These spectacular bikes also feature smaller gearing systems which have similar gear ratios hubs include lighter weight, and offering more clearance when grinding - one of the most sought after features for off-road cycling or for a regular fun-filled riding experience for teens looking to show off their amazing stunts!

All BMX bicycles in Sri Lanka that are available at DSI Bikes are outfitted with a highly-effective braking system (caliper brake, V-type brake and disc brake) for absolute safety while you’re busy outperforming everyone else! Whether you’re busting your tricks on a ramp or just hitting the dirt tracks on a BMX Bicycle in Sri Lanka, you will find that your riding experience is truly a comfortable one thanks to the BMX- Freestyle bike style tyre patterns which offer better grip and comfort!

When purchasing a BMX bike in Sri Lanka from DSI Bikes, remember it is important that you always choose bike that suits your unique needs - there different configuration setups required between BMX bicycles being used for dirt trails, skateparks or street riding, so it is important that you choose carefully. Need some help with choosing the right BMX bicycle in Sri Lanka for you? No problem, stop by DSI Bikes to speak to one of our sales consultants and check out the models for yourself!


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Rugged trails and gravel roads